AHIMA Grassroots Advocacy Award

OrHIMA is excited to announce the revamp of the AHIMA Grassroots Advocacy Award. This award will be presented at each annual AHIMA Advocacy Summit to the top state in federal advocacy and policy engagement for the previous year.

The attached documents outline what the award is, how to garner points, and how to report your engagement to ensure your state receives those points. All AHIMA members are eligible to receive points through the methods outlined here.

We encourage all members of OrHIMA to engage in federal advocacy, through the AHIMA campaigns in its Action Center, attending the AHIMA Advocacy Summit (registration for the full two-day event for 2023 is open through February 17, 2023), attending AHIMA advocacy events, including receptions, webinars, and briefings, and volunteering for workgroups with the AHIMA Policy & Government Affairs department. We want to make sure our state is well-represented, so engaging early and often is recommended!

If you have any questions on how to engage or how to gain points, please contact centraloffice@orhima.org.