AHIMA-Certified Health Information Professionals

AHIMA-Certified Health Information Professionals keep health information human. As leaders at the intersection of healthcare, technology, and business, we possess a uniquely comprehensive view of a resource that is critical to meaningful health innovation. The accuracy, protection, and accessibility of health information remains our priority as the definition of healthcare continues to evolve.

By ensuring that the person in front of the data is always considered, and remains connected to their information at every touchpoint, we empower our partners in both traditional and emerging health spaces to make effective—and often life-saving—decisions.

Our AHIMA credentials serve as a mark of confidence for the organizations we steer and the patients we serve, proving our expertise in an ever-transforming space.

  • AHIMA-certified professionals keep health information human.
  • AHIMA-certified professionals are leaders at the intersection of
    healthcare, technology, and business.
  • AHIMA-certified professionals empower our partners.

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